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Ghost Train

by Jerod L

There once was a man who was traveling in the deserts of Northern Mexico. He traveled on his horse. He had to make a long trip to the other side of Mexico and it was a very long trip across miles of uninhabited desert. I don't know exactly how long this trip was but I think it was long. He started his trip at dawn. He thought that if he had his horse run he would get to the first town before night fall. The sun was starting to sink low below the horizon. He couldn't see and his horse lost its footing and took a tumble knocking him out.

It was three hours before he woke up. His horse was already eaten by the scavengers of the desert. He was dying of thirst and he was on the verge of death. But then he started to hear a soft whistle. It sounded like a train in the distance. But he thought there are no tracks here. Then he saw a train blowing through the desert. He blacked out and when he woke up he was in a cottage. "Where did the train go?" he asked.

"You must have saw the death train," the villager told him. It comes to us take us into the afterlife. It passed me by.

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The Buffalo Train Station

by Melissa Powell
(Bluffton, IN 46714)

The Buffalo Train Station Part 1

Newly weds, with a long life in front of them
She was just eighteen the year they wed
They talked about their dreams and starting a family soon
Each night as they lay together in bed

Soon, he was drafted
And sent off to war to fight
At the Buffalo train station they kissed goodbye
She tried not to cry though her heart was filled with fright

She wrote him letters
And sent them every day
Guess what my love?
We have a baby on the way

He would read the letters
And when he could he would write back
And keep her pictures and letters
Tied with string in his pack

He wrote back
A baby? Can it be true
I can't wait
When are you due?

As she read his letter
She felt their baby kick
And said a silent prayer
Please let the war end real quick

She felt his love
With each word and line
She knew they would be together
Until the end of time

The Buffalo Train Station Part 2

She passed the time
Preparing for their baby
While her true love
Was fighting in the Navy

She dreamed at night
That he was there
He would hold her tight
And run his fingers through her hair

As time went by
Her tummy grew
She had her sister take pictures
To send him so he could see too

She sent letters
But it had been a few weeks
Since she had heard from him
She tried not to think of the bad things as the tears ran down her cheeks

But one day, she received a telephone call
He had been injured in battle in the field
And during surgery
Massive internal injuries had been reveled

The Buffalo Train Station Part 3

They said they tried everything
But it was out of their hands
His wounds were fatal
And he died on Iwo Jima's sands

Her head began to spin
And she fell to the floor
He heart stopped beating
She could not go on living without the man she adored

They found her body where she fell
In her hands his letter
They placed her in the ground
Wearing her best sweater

Their baby grew up
With her mom and dad
They told him about his daddy
The best hero the war had ever had

The Buffalo Train Station Part 4

She waits at the platform
Waiting on his train
Hoping he will come home tonight
In her heart she still feels the pain

Trains come and go
Day after day she waits for him
She sees service men
Who have lost thier lifes and limbs

Down at the end of the platform
She see's her true love bathed in a bright light
She runs to him arms wide open
And they finally hold each other tight

Step back and look around
Hundreds of people repeating this scene
Some alive, some are dead
All waiting for their true loves to return from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines

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