Ghost Story: The Angry

by Tony
(Laredo, Tx)

First let me explain that my brothers, friends and I do believe in ghosts but didn't expect to come across anything that day. Before my brother and his pals told us about this house that was next to a park named slaughter park (seriously that's the name of the park. Very creepy if you ask me. Who would name a park that way?), we had no knowledge of this "haunted" house and had no intention of visiting it. We have had our fair share of experiences when it comes to the supernatural so we would be lying if we said we didn't get excited every time someone brought up a story or rumors about a local haunted house.

Anyway one of my brothers friends said "oh yeah you guys are the ghost hunters right?"

"We are heading over that house tonight we sure could use veterans." my friends and I thought about it and after a couple of minutes we said yes. We got our gear which was MP3s, camcorders, audio machines, cameras and other stuff. We headed to the house around 2 am and it was a total disappointment! A few days later these young people again went and we tagged along, but separately. We got there first dodging police and the border patrol. (We live next to the border.)

One of my brothers wanted to go pee so my younger bro stayed with him. My best friend and I proceeded to enter the house. Everything was normal, nothing seemed strange. Suddenly the door slammed in my best friend's face and we took off running outside. We caught the event in the camcorder. The noise of the door slamming was so loud that the young group from half a block away heard it.

My two brothers who were outside. freaked and ran in front of the house. My best friend was scared and I almost passed out in fright. To this day I show every skeptic this clip and they always say maybe it was the wind but trust me, it wasn't. There was no wind that night, summer gets really hot here. Whatever was in there was angry that we were there and since then, we haven't returned. My brother and his friends want to go again but I have a feeling they will regret it if they do pay another visit.

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