Ghost Pictures - Nazareth University Suicide Spirit

by Sarah
(Rochester, NY, USA)

Ghost in Nazareth

Ghost in Nazareth

Following's guide, I am reporting a long sought after proof of a haunting in my college apartment!

Over the course of several years here at Nazareth university, the lease on my apartment has been sublet from person to person really frequently, because there is a clear negative presence sharing the apartment. A student is reported to have committed suicide in one of the rooms, and as far as I know nobody has ever managed to stay there for more than a semester or two without getting too freaked out to stay (I'm in my second semester, and thank god I just graduated. I am NOT coming back!). The presence doesn't seem to have the ability to physically touch anyone or move objects, and I'm no expert at the paranormal so I'm not sure how to explain this, but you can just *feel* it there.

Sometimes my roommate or I will wake up in the middle of the night and think someone is at the door, or in the bathroom, but when we go. nothing is there. The most noticeable times are when either of us were alone, particularly when showering or trying to sleep when the house is "empty." During these times we have heard strange noises, creaking floorboards when there is clearly nobody walking, the hall light turning off for a few seconds, then turning back on for no reason, etc.

The end of the year is coming, and a lot of our friends have been saying we're crazy all year for being scared to death of something we couldn't see, so after some research we set up my digital camera in the hall, put the ISO setting up, and set it in time lapse mode to take pictures every 5 minutes all weekend.

Finally, we got the proof we were looking for, but I have to admit, knowing there really is someone watching you all the time is not exactly comforting - particularly when you're trying to shower or sleep.

The anomaly in this photo was finally captured on film around 11:30pm May 8th.

Also, as we've been researching ways to capture evidence of this presence we discovered the process behind "smudging" in order to get a presence to leave - is this a real thing? or is it made up? If it's real, can anyone do it? or do you need to be born with some kind of ability?


Sarah C.

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