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Ghost Named Matilda

by Alexa DeChanel
(South Africa)

I use to work at a telecommunications company in a northern suburb about 3 years ago. I never heard of any unusual stories of the building in the year and a half that I was there. I worked in an open planned office with around 25 people. Our ladies toilets were situated at the far end of the office which we had to use.

So one day, as per usual, I went to use the ladies room. I had just come back from a smoke break so I had my cellphone and access disc with me. I went into the toilet which had two stalls. No one was in the toilet. I did what needed to be done and went out to wash and dry my hands only to find a lady standing at one of the two basins. I don't remember hearing the door open, and I would have because the main door used to creak badly when you opened it.

She was wearing a brown old-ish looking dress. She had her hands under the hot water tap. I never saw her in the building before so I assumed she was a visitor in the building and greeted her as I washed up. She totally ignored me and carried on washing her hands. By this point, steam had started coming out from the hot water tap. Highly offended that she ignored me, I walked out the toilet.

As I walked out, heading back to my desk, I reached for my cellphone and access disc and realized I had left it in the stall in the ladies room. So I went back inside only to find that the lady was gone. I stood there puzzled for a minute wondering where she went to. You see there was only one entrance and exit to the toilet and I was standing right outside the door when I went back in.

So I went into the stall and got my stuff, went out and asked a colleague that was closest to the toilet if she had seen a lady come out the toilet and she said no.

I was totally freaked out and thought that I had just imagined the whole thing. So I told a friend at work what had happened and he told me that he would have a look and see if he could sense any vibrations around the area. You see my friend was a traditional healer and a known psychic. So we went back to the ladies room after everyone had left and he said to me that the lady I saw was a spirit that was caught between two worlds.

Basically I was at the right place at the right time when a gateway between the worlds was opened. The reason that she didn't acknowledge me was because she didn't even know I was there.

The same night he called upon her spirit again and found out that her name was Matilda and that she slit her wrists at her bathroom basin and bled to death. After much research and investigations between my friend and I, we found that Matilda was 17 years old and was being horribly abused by a member of her family. You see the building I worked in, was built on the same ground that Matilda's house once stood on some 35 years ago.

From research, we found that Matilda's house was demolished a few years after she had died, because her step brother, mum and stepdad were all found hanging from their attic. No one knew why or if it was murder or not. The house lay empty for almost 13 years before it was finally taken down.

I don't work at the building anymore and I have never seen Matilda again.

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Ghost Named Matilda

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Jan 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

It is a foolish story

Oct 07, 2010
Good stories
by: student

Very interesting story. I would freak out too, if I would see a ghost like you saw. According to the people who investigate paranormal phenomena, there are souls who are stuck in our dimension. They are stuck and can not leave our world. It is like their GPS is broken. Probably your ghost had a traumatic experienced so it can not count its situation clearly. You have learned a good lesson. One more thing, the women's restroom is only for women, not for men. Next time you will think twice before you go in. (I am joking) Seriously I really like to read your stories.

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