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Ghost in the School Gym

by Dylan
(Bridge City, USA)

First off, our school is about 20-30 years old. It was originally the high school and now it's the middle school.

It was first period and we were setting up the concession stand for the basketball game that night. The concession stand is in a small concourse area by the gym. It is a long narrow room about 30 by 8 but the counters make it 30 by 6. Myself and the other six guys in the class had taken the cart to the concession stand and we had locked the door. We were inside loading it up. After about seven minutes we had finished but because the sealed up concession stand was nice and warm, we decided to stay a little longer (as it was 50 degrees outside and we simply wanted to miss a little more of class.) We sat and talked for about another 2 minutes.

The handle on the door began to jiggle. Then it creaked open about six or seven inches. We all saw it happen. Clint, Colin, Tanner and I went to the door. Colin saw that it was in fact locked and Haydin had the key. I looked into the gym and in front of the concession stands. There was no one outside.

Clint immediately said, "I'm getting outta here." We all agreed with him.

The rest of the day we couldn't help but think of how weird it was. Clint wasn't exactly thrilled about working the concession stands that night.

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