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Ghost in My Apartment

by Debbie Taylor
(Mesquite,TX, USA)

I was living in Garland, Texas with my girlfriend and roommate. As they went to the other apartment to bring our stuff over, I was alone in the new apartment. I had to use the restroom, and as I did, the water in the sink came on by itself. I was in shock, and confused at what had happened. I thought I was losing my mind. That was the first experience. As time went on, we would hear knocking noises on our ceiling, but not like someone knocking on a door. It was kind of like a knock than a pause.

At the time, there was a new couple that moved in upstairs. As they did, I had a conversation with the lady of the house, who said they had a 15-year old daughter. Well as time went by we never saw the girl. It would happen every night between 3 and 3:30 in the morning. It sounded like a girl was being abused and was asking for help. I called the police to the apartment upstairs, but they couldn't find anything. The television we were watching would turn to the Spanish station, and the volume would be turned up high. Well we would try to turn the volume down with the remote, but we had to physically turn it off and then on for it to go back to normal.

On one occasion I saw a black mass move from our roommate's room into the bathroom. I was home by myself, taking a shower. I felt like someone was in the bathroom with me. I was home alone, so I hurried up and got out as fast as I could. I could hear a little girl call my name, and again I was home alone. I told my girlfriend and roommate about what was going on, and we all started talking about our experiences. About a month after the couple moved in upstairs we heard pounding sounds on the stairs. I went outside to see what was going on. The couple was moving out, and I asked them why they were moving. The lady of the house said to me, "THERE IS TOO MUCH FREAKY SH*T GOING ON AROUND HERE!" Then I asked them if they experienced anything, and they all said yes.

One night for dinner my girlfriend was cooking mashed potatoes and she put a potholder on the counter to set the pot on. As she turned to get the pot of potatoes she turned around and the potholder was back on the hook swinging back and forth. When I got home she was white as a ghost and scared to death.

Well that was all we could take. We finally moved out and never went back.

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Ghost in My Apartment

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Jul 02, 2011
by: Krista Kay

Dennis, I can totally help you with your problem! Well at least I am certainly going to try.

I have found that when dealing with demonic ghosts that it is very helpful to use The Lord's name. You see, demons or evil spirits fear God.

Just tell the ghosts that in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost that you command them to leave you alone, leave your apartment and never come back again. Do not say it in a frightened voice! It is crucial that you say this forcefully and like you mean business.

Hope this helps you with your problem. Best of Luck!

Apr 18, 2011
by: dennis

It has been a while since the last post. I stopped using the recorder and things slowed down after a few weeks. But then it has started but this time it feels different. I think I heard a girl tell me to leave and I think a guy said yes after I asked if he was murdered. I told him to knock something (unbreakable) to get my attention if he wants to talk and things fall out of nowhere sometimes or it will sound like something fell but nothing Is there.

I was lying down the other night and sat up real quick and saw a tiny blue round orb zip along my floor away from me like something was getting closer to me till I spooked it. It creeps me out.

And tonight around 1 am something woke me up and I was really hungry so I went to the gas station and when I walked back in my apt the air felt really thick and had a distinct smell of a burnt match. I don't have matches and right now I feel like I'm being watched even though the smell went away.

Can someone tell me what a match burning smell means?

Mar 16, 2011
by: daisy

If I were you I'd get some sage and do a cleansing of your apt. Light it, let it smoke and then walk around your apt in all the corners and say a prayer. That scratching on your arm is an evil entity or demon.

Better stop with the EVP's on the recorder as you may entice more spirits. Better yet call a legit Psychic to do a reading and cleansing. Good Luck.

Feb 14, 2011
I agree
by: Anonymous

That is a really freaky story but I am in to ghosts so would have probably stayed. (Yeah right. I would have been gone) lol.

Jan 20, 2011
Syracuse NY
by: dennis

Ghosts are taking my sanity. I can't sleep they just want to mess with me. I always feel nauseous especially at night. I was scratched twice while in bed. They grab and touch me and the worst thing I did was contact them using a digital recorder. Now they haunt me.

They stopped for a few days but now they are back. No one believes me except those who listened to my recorder.

I hear whispers knocking and rummaging through my stuff. I have intelligent spirits which is worse than residual because they can actively think about how to mess with you. Residual is more memories. Like random noises once In a while.

That's about it. My apt used to be a hotel and they said they never lived here plus I live in a bad neighborhood.

If anyone knows how to help please leave comment.

Thanks for making this site. Also I keep grocery bags behind my bathroom door and I hear them walking on them and I have a laser pointer and I think I scared one because I shot it over there once and I heard the bags ruffle and it creeps me out.

I can't afford to move so if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.



Jan 20, 2011
I need help
by: dennis

I'm sorry but I dont know what else to do. I was never a believer until 3 months ago when I moved into my apt. I would feel like being touched and like something was with me and that I was being watched. I would hear so many noises and this popping sound. I felt the hair on my legs getting tickled and just get a horrible feeling out of nowhere. I see things out of the corner of my eyes and hear noises getting closer to me.

I bought a digital voice recorder and thought I wasted my money bit then I heard a girl and a guy so antagonism the guy and said u probably don't like me having The recorder and then the little girl said "I do" it made me sick and the guy cussed at me.

Since then things have gotten bad. I have seen one when I waked In the bathroom and it almost looked like a bug jumping towards my bath but then nothing was there. Then while watching TV a bug looked like it was on my screen but then I realized it wasn't on the screen and it wasn't a bug and then I felt it messing with me for a while.

I think they are negative. I can feel them now. I recorded while sleeping and played it back and I heard a bunch of people screaming in agony and they sounded like miles away. I thought I heard Hell. Then I left at midnight the other night and recorded with new batteries and came back a half hour later and It was dead and I got new batteries and It just sounds like someone banging around my apt and going through my stuff.

I can't sleep till five or six in the morning and I have to use ear plugs. I was in bed and my arm started burning and I had a long scratch along the back of my arm and I was bleeding. I'm tired of living in dread. I hope someone sees this.

There is so much activity and it feels so negative. I'm desperate and I live In a studio apt a little efficiency, so I can't escape. They like torturing me. Sorry but I'm desperate.


Oct 01, 2010
by: Butchykid624

I would've gotten outta there the first time ghosts appeared.

Jun 26, 2010
Why Leave ?
by: michael

Seems to me that something was going on ,but I feel that you let it run you off. From what I gathered it wasn't hurting you, it was trying to get your attn.

I live in a apt that is haunted as well.One night my friend and I was just hanging out when a knock came to my door.As I answered the way I normally did "saying come in" nothing happened.So the knock sounded again.So this time I was already at the door so I opened the door,and to our surprise noone was there, not even up or down the hall.The knocking still keeps happening from time to time ,but why leave.Maybe some day they will come in and talk or let me know what they want.

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