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Ghost in a 100 Year Old House

by Allison

I was 12 when we moved into a 100-year-old house.

When I walked into our new home I sensed a presence. I thought I smelled smoke, even though no one smoked and there was no fireplace. The house was old and dusty, and reeked of mothballs. A few weeks after we moved in, I was sitting on the couch watching TV. I heard someone whisper my name and I saw the TV changing channels until I saw a black screen and a man with no eyes and a face as white as a sheet popped up. He stared at me (if you would call a man with no eyes standing there doing nothing, "staring.") Then it went back to the channel it was on.

All through this, my sister and cousin acted like nothing was happening. I was creeped out, so I went to help my mom fix dinner. I heard STOMP behind us and I figured it was my dad. I turned around and no one was there. One night, I heard the same THUMP in my bedroom, but I opened my eyes and saw the same man from the TV! Many other things happened, but I can't remember the all. My friends and I got permission to get a Ouija board and used it. We asked, "Is there a spirit in here now?" It pointed to "yes."

"What's your name?" we asked. "T-O-N-Y" it spelled.

"How did you die?" we asked. It spelled out MURDER.

"When did you get murdered?" we asked.

"1862," it said.

It said its body was buried in the secret passageway. "Where is it?" we asked.

"Basement," it said.

We went to the basement and saw a handle. We opened it and saw an urn. We got it and showed it to my mom. We moved out after that, but no one has lived in that house since we moved out. We put the urn back and the neighbors said they heard thumping and bumping in the house.

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Ghost in a 100 Year Old House

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Feb 13, 2009
100 year old house w/urn
by: garylee

WHY would you put it back? if it'd been me I woulda seen to it, it had a proper burial. we are entitled to such.!!

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