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Ghost Dog

by Doreen C

One bright sunny day, my family and Iwent camping in our RV. We only used the RV as a place to sleep and cook our meals. We ate and cooked our supper outside. One night we were sitting around our campfire when we heard a howling really close to us.

"Dad did you hear that?" I asked, as I looked around to see where the howling had come from.

"Yes I did. Doreen don't worry. You know there's a lot of wildlife teeming around here," he said, with a bemused look on his face.

I swear that I heard him laugh a little at me. However I did not find it amusing. When we went to bed that night I heard a growling in my room. I sprang up into a sitting pasion. I looked at the place where the growling had come from. None of my dogs were there and there was nothing visible standing in the spot where the growling had come from.

All of a sudden there were four impressions on my bed. Then I saw a ferocious Labrador Retriever in front of my face. It stopped growling and wagged its tale instead. It looked like it was solid. It just stood there staring at me wagging its tale. It let me pet it. Then it disappeared.

I told my dad the following morning what happened while we were packing up and getting ready to go home. He told me that it was all a dream. When we got home the same thing happened that night. Soon the dog was visible to everybody. After that I knew that the ghost dog was now one of our pets.

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Ghost Dog

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Aug 14, 2010
I Knew It

I knew this one would be as good as the other one I'm talking about the one with you and your kids

Aug 23, 2008
All right
by: Anonymous

You did an awesome job. You're really talented. Ever thought about writing a book?

Mar 22, 2008
by: Anonymous

So cool.

Mar 21, 2008
I know
by: Julie

Hey I think I know why that happened. Have you ever met a dog or had a dog that died or somthing, well if you have that is probubly the reason why he came.

Feb 17, 2008
awsome job
by: Anonymous

I really liked it. You have a vivid imagination. Thanks for a great ghost story.

Feb 09, 2008
by: Anonymous

It is a good story but not really spooky. It didn't sound that interesting either. It was actually a bit boring! I like really spooky stories like the movie on the front page. I think you did a good job though you need to put a little bit more effort in it.

Feb 05, 2008
Ghost Chantelle.
by: holly

Chantelle was my younger sister, she passed away a year ago she got hit by a bus. The other day she was sitting on my bedroom on my bed with her head in her hands

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