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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

feeding frenzi

by Francisco Gonzalez
(Guadalajara, Spain)

On a cold winter night I worked to look at the clock and realized there was still time for more rest so I decided go down the stairs to drink some water. On my way down I could see how the snow kept falling since before I went to bed and the pond in front of my house has frozen up.

For a few days I've been having some kind of crazy dreams and I wake up covered in sweat dreaming that all I hear was my name, no lights, no people just a dark room with no windows and a estrange chanting that make me shiver just to remember them it has become a nightmare.

Next morning I woke up and decided to go ice skating to the pond it is full of kids on this time a year so maybe I'll go skating some other day. 5:30 again I don�t know what�s wrong with me I can't�t have a nice sleep since last week I expended my days daydreaming on such horrible things that make hallucinate I just take a few hours rest so I hope tomorrow I can't go out.

Finally I slept the whole night and I went out with my friends, having all this time kept my thinking clear. It was quite cold today, no snow only dry cold weather. I've been reading about the news lately. I saw a car accident 2 blocks from my house they slip and crashed into the snow, hopefully they didn't get seriously injured. I think my sister is taking my toothpaste I just bought it on Sunday and it�s almost halfway gone now. I'm going to tell her to stop taking my stuff or I'll kill her.

I'm going to a pizza place today, I've been saving some money and it�s almost time to leave, I'll just grab a sweater. On my way to the pizza place I could see an old lady petting a cat. I love cats especially if they are black. Back from the pizza place it was dark so I came walking faster than usual specially because there have been some thieves burgling around the downtown and when I entered my house I could see some reddish eyes on the window of the garden. I was instigated by what that creature was. Its shape seems like a human on his knees but it was too small, by the time I turned the light on it was gone. So I trembled, turned off the lights and went to bed thinking on what was that shape.

It's snowing again, hopefully there will be no school and I'll get all the day to rest, if only I knew what was staring at my last night I could truly rest. Tonight I'll try to catch whatever it was staring at me with those devilish eyes.

It's 10 PM and I haven't been able to spot anything, only a small amount of some sort of chicken bones on a corner of the house, maybe it was just my imagination. I�m going upstairs to read a magazine. It�s late and I haven�t had any supper I think I�ll pass tonight. I couldn�t sleep again must be because of the things I saw in the garden but once again today I saw a cat on my garden and there's no explanation why it was there, even though I came closer to it, it stared at me and run away they�re so quick and beautiful, and it looks exactly as the one the old lady was petting the other day. It's those nightmares again I can't�t rest it keep waking me up night after night I wish I had some kind of remedy so I could sleep plenty my mind is playing me tricks. Today I woke up earlier than my father and went down to get some breakfast but as soon I went down the stairs I saw as if someone has painted the windows with blood it�s becoming more scary that I thought if only I knew who got in my house to do this and it had been done overnight this give me the creeps. As I told my father he thought some of my friends were screwing over but none of my friends live closer to my place or can't get inside my house so I have to wash the windows. At dusk I saw again that weird shape over the garden but this time I could see it was human like it was some sort of humanized cat with an even smaller cat on it side I was horrified by that beast that was digging something on the ground by the time it realized I was staring at it, it growled and with great swiftness escaped by climbing the walls. I'm in a mental institution now, my parents don't believe what I saw and they think I was the one who splattered blood on the windows and even here I still see that same black cat the old lady had I hope it all where lies�

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feeding frenzi

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Jan 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

The story is not sounding real!

Jan 19, 2011
About feeding frenzy
by: Anonymous

That is really fake I can tell ...Like seriously who the heck would freaking put blood on the window...And if you were in a mental hospital how did you write this story....Oh and one more thing why is this called feeding frenzy

Jan 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

If your in a mental hospital why did you post this on here ?

Jan 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

all Old Allies and say the plan until the new U.N. Improve

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