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EVP: Quiet

by Marianne Fransisca Aswintha Ootjers
(The Netherlands, Drenthe, Nieuwediep)

Goth4Ever is my Twitter name and ThreePipeProblems my youtube account name.

Goth4Ever is my Twitter name and ThreePipeProblems my youtube account name.

About three weeks ago from today I did an EVP session in the living room, it was about...half past 2. I sat there for a good 15 minutes, and then I left. I went to my bedroom, and before I went to sleep, I hit the record button of the voice recorder and said that if anyone wanted to say something they could do so now.

Well, the next day I started to listen if I captured anything.

From the EVP session, nothing except some high and low whispering sounds, which could easily have been noises from outside.

Then I started to listen to the second part of the recording. It was about 7 hours of recording so it took me quite awhile. But after an an hour or something I captured this weird EVP. It's a mans voice who appears to say Quiet. Well, I for one, am sure that it is not a man walking outside. No one in their right mind would walk outside in the middle of the night saying quiet. Secondly, I live in a very remote area of the Netherlands. Hardly anyone knows it even exists. So it sounds very illogical to me that someone from England would walk outside our farm in the dead of night saying quiet.

I let my dad listen to it. He says it sounds like him, but then a pitch higher. He listened again, and said it sounded very much like his dad, who had passed away 4 years before I was born. I'm sure it is not my dad, he was not awake around half past 4, 5 o'clock. And even if he was, he wouldn't say quiet. My brother then? He was fast asleep in the room next to me. And he does not talk in his sleep. Well, it most certainly isn't me, because I have a higher voice then the one I recorded. As for my dad's girlfriend. She was asleep the whole time.

And I did asked before I went to sleep, that if they wanted to say something they could do so now.

Well, my conclusion is, is that it is a true EVP, perhaps from my grandpa. Though I can't figure out why he would be speaking in English when he could not speak a word English when he was alive. But like I said, I *think* it says quiet. Maybe he says something else, but I can't hear anything else in it then quiet.

Here is the video of the EVP:

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EVP: Quiet

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Feb 21, 2011
Great capture
by: Sukimonster

Thanks for sharing..
Great capture.

I will check it out on Youtube too..


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