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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

EVP - Lost Research Society

by Brenda - Webmaster
(Inside your computer :-))

Lost Research Society is a group that researches and documents the paranormal, urban legends, and myths. They specialize in paranormal research that contains an element of real fear. They set out to experience and document their own true response to events as they occur.

Since we love spooky, too, we're presenting our favorites from LRS's YouTube channel.

This first is from an abandoned hospital. Voices are heard in the distance and one of the investigators is quite startled by it:

If you're researching EVP, we recommend "Speaking with the Dead" as a guide to capture and process Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

This second of videos are more voices captured from a state prison paranormal investigation:

Thanks to Lost Research Society for these clips. Please visit their YouTube page at by clicking this link and their website at: http://www.lostresearchsociety.com.

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EVP - Lost Research Society

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Aug 17, 2010
to L.R.S.
by: Battlecatt00

I have received your invite to my Youtube account (I have forgotten my password there, been a long while since I have been there.) Of course I received a e-mail at my regular email addy.

I must say very interesting. Sure would like to see you guys finish up the prison investigation. I am a true skeptic, I have zero fear in this subject matter. How ever for some reason the exploring of abandon and claimed haunted buildings really interests me greatly. Don't know why but it dose. Can't explain that one. And understand I do know your fear is real due to you and fellow members radical action change. Hopefully I will end up seeing more and also you re-visit to the prison. I'll be watching..

Jul 29, 2010
Lost Research Society
by: Lost Research Society

Here is out new YouTube page!


The Lost Research Society

Nov 08, 2009
nice videos
by: Anonymous

...but their homepage doesn't work.

Oct 10, 2009
by: Zen

i keep hearing "look" not "help" but its realy fast

Jul 16, 2009
Lost Research Society
by: Lost Research Society

Brenda, thank you for posting our EVP videos. We are thrilled to see them posted on the internet. We'll be posting more very soon. Visit our youtube channel for more.

Thanks again!

Lost Research Society

Apr 10, 2009
To: Anonymous
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Dear Anonymous

You seem to have missed the credits and the links to the real owner. Please take notes. You're even given how to find them. :-)


Apr 10, 2009
same videos different people?
by: Anonymous

these vids have been shown on every site on the net by dozens of people....

will the real owner please stand up.

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