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Evil Lady

by Toya

My sister would always tell me that at night while everyone was asleep a lady would come stand beside her bed. She described the woman as see-through, with a long dress and long stringy hair down to her waist. She said when this lady came to her she would sometimes smile at her, then that smile would turn into an evil smirk, and without even moving her lips to talk, this ghostly woman would threaten her and tell my sister that our family did not belong in the house. She was going to make us leave.

My sister often would complain to my mom about the lady. She would say the lady was holding her down at night and calling her name at weird hours of the night, but my mom would say it was her imagination and since no one else saw the lady besides my little sister. I would laugh at her and tell her she was crazy.

One night my sister even said the ghost was shaking my bed vigorously in an attempt to wake me, but I'm a hard sleeper and she did not succeed. Well these ghost accusations went on for months with no one taking it seriously until one night I was awaken by a soft moaning sound. My sister was already awake, so together we listened to the sound. The shrieks of a lady seemed to be coming from the kitchen and getting louder and closer to our room. All of a sudden I heard screaming and it was so close, yet it still sounded so faraway, as if our house was connected to another dimension. It was a strangest thing I ever experienced.

Keep in mind that my mom was still sound asleep in her room, and myself and my sister were awake trying to figure out what was going on. We listened in terror as the lady screamed. Soon her screams began to fade as if she were being dragged away and she didn't want to go. The screaming got lower and lower until we could not hear it any more. That night I finally knew my sister was sane and she really did see a ghostly woman in our house, because I heard her with my own ears. My sister said she felt like the ghostly lady was gone. I asked how she knew and she said she felt more at peace. The good news was that the ghostly lady had somehow gotten taken away from the house, because my sister said she never saw her again.

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