creepy moments

by nita
(vaughan, can'tada)

We used to live in an apartment in Toronto. It was early 2009. My three year old son and I were taking our daytime nap in the bedroom around the afternoon time.

I heard someone opening the bedroom door and thought my husband had come back from work, but there was no one. I felt chilliness everywhere in the room. Most of all I smelled the aroma of incense sticks. I thoughts it was all my imagination.

All of a sudden my son woke up and wondered where this strange smell was coming from; I felt panicked. I tried to call my husband. The call failed. There was full signal strength in my mobile phone at that time. I tried to call few other people. I couldn't. I tried to text them. It didn't go through.

After awhile the smell was gone and my husband's aunt called to inform us that one of my husband's uncles had passed away back home that day.

My husband had moved to Canada when he was little. But this uncle always considered my husband as his own son since he never had any children. In our culture we lit incense sticks around the dead person's body during a funeral. So everyone in his family believed that it was his spirit. They thought his soul had come to see my son.

I never encountered this ever again after that day. But thinking of that day still gives me chilliness.

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