Codori Farm

by Katie
(Drexel Hill, PA)

On the right side of the picture, directly in the middle of the crosses on the third fence post from the left, there is a glowing figure of a soldier on a horse. In this same pic, in front of the fence there is the blurred image of a little boy with a drum. You can make out the black bill of his hat, the red/blue blur of the drum and see his elbows sticking out.

I actually blew up this picture because it is far away, and the image is easier to see, but unfortunately, my scanner is broken so I can't add them right now :0(

Below: This is the same picture with the image of the soldier on the horse circled and the little boy with the drum. The image of the little boy is almost like an outline, but the horse and soldier have a whitish glow to them. This picture was taken around 9:30 am on Saturday November 8, 2008 on a clear, sunny day.