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Campfire Ghost Stories: The Shed

by Jessica Torkar
(Columbus, Ohio, United States of America)

Behind my house, there is a very old, broken down shed. It is EXTREMELY scary looking. It looks like an old murder scene. I have been there about 20 times with my brothers. We have been in the shed about 10 times, to find lots of creepy stuff. For example, Barbed wire, rusty knives, rocks shaped as PERFECT halfcircles.

Yesterday, we went to the shed 3 times. At 2:45, we went to the front of the shed, and a dog from across the woods, started barking at something behind the shed. So as normal kids would do, we ran back to our house.

At 3:20 p.m., we decided we would attempt to enter the shed once again. With both of my brothers behind me, I lead the way into the shed. When we were about 6-7 feet away from the broken door, I noticed a glass bottle on the ground, and I started to pick it up. I heard some leaves rustling inside the shed so I quickly looked up to just get a glimpse of something jumping towards me from one of the dark stalls behind a wall. It had a large horse head and the body was gray and white. It made a huge thump.

Many times, I have considered what this "thing" was. I have considered a horse, because of its head, But it jumped behind a wall, that would not have been able to hide a horse and I did not see anybody when It jumped.

I have considered a dog, but a dog would've chased us, and this thing didn't. Plus, this thing's head was about 6 feet off the ground--too big for a dog. I've thought of cat or raccoon, but it made way too big of a thump when it hit the ground. I have also considered a deer. But the colors of it were gray and white. Nowhere near the colors of a deer. It was not my imagination because even though I am the only one that saw it, my brother heard it.

After I saw the thing, I screamed, and ran, and neither my brothers or I even dared to look back. Today, we began to walk towards the shed, so that we could get a picture for this story. When we were half way there, we heard a rooster. But this rooster sounded as if it were in extreme pain. Like a dying "cockadoodledoo" No one of us would go take the picture. So we don't have one.

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