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Campfire Ghost Stories - Haunted Doll

by Reem

My name is Reem, I've been living in a 20-year old apartment. It doesn't seem very old, nor haunting, but a normal house across the street. My parents and I moved in this apartment when I was somewhere near the age of three. Although I do not remeber exactly when, I was very young, so I've lived my life in this place.

The first four years of our new home were quite normal, nothing unusual. But then my father had told my mother that he'd been seeing some strange things in his bedroom at night (my father and mother sleep in seprate rooms, they say they feel more comfortable this way.) He said that he'd been seeing something more like someone move behind the curtains. My mother believed him. She has always believed in paranormal activities and ghosts as well as black magic. As the years passed, they kept seeing these strange things happening around the place. Although at that time I had never experienced anything paranormal, I did have a feeling of a ghostly presence in the apartment.

A year ago, I was at a movie gift shop and I found this scary looking doll. It was not a female doll, but a male doll, standing 17 inches tall. It wasn't exactly human, it was a zombie-like doll, but it was not considered a "child's toy." It looked like something a horror movie fan or collector would buy. With empty eye sockets, its skin had a brownish-green color, claw-like hands and a bulky body. He looked very demonic. I found that quite interesting, strangely, and I found myself willing to buy him.

I walked over to it and picked it up, looking at it for a couple of minutes. Then before I knew it, I had him in a plastic bag, carrying him to my car.

As soon as I bought this doll, I began experiencing paranormal events as well. I was laying on my bed once, getting ready for sleep. I usually cover my whole head when I sleep, so I can't really see anything but my bed sheets in my face. Suddenly I heard someone walk into the room. I paid no attention to that, thinking that it was my mother walking in my room to pick something up. I kept hearing footsteps for more than a minute. "Why's my mom taking so long?" I thought.

I pulled down the sheets to see what my mother was doing, but when I did, I didn't see my mother at all. I just heard the sound of footsteps walking away until silence filled the room. I was shocked, the footsteps were so clear. As soon as I had pulled down the sheets, whatever was in my room seemed to leave. I just sat there for a moment, stunned. I then shook my head and went back to sleep.

As the days passed, I started to get attached to this doll. Although my mother didn't quite like him, she wondered why on Earth would a girl like me buy such a thin. It was more of a boy-toy. But still I didn't really care.

Even now, when I would carry my doll around, I would catch glimpses of a humanoid figure in the corner of my eye. I don't know whether what I'm seeing is true or not, but something tells me that it is true, since I've seen this figure more than ten times. I also hear small items falling and the sound of a light switch opening or closing, when I'm near that doll. Although I must say that I somehow enjoyed these experiences. I found it facinating.

It's up to you to decide wether this doll is haunted or not.

As for me...well I see it as a haunted doll but it isn't harmful. It is however, frightening, sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed my story

Thank you.


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Campfire Ghost Stories - Haunted Doll

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Sep 04, 2011
Where is the apartment?
by: q8iGUY

Which city is the apartment in that's haunted?

My cousin moved into an apartment when she had just gotten married, and she said strange things were going on. Nobody believed her until some of her sisters went to stay the night with her.

Needless to say, they had a poltergeist apparently that would open and shut kebetat and lights. I think it was in Selwa.

Aug 26, 2011
Stuff lolz
by: glitzdiva4life

Seriously though my aunt needs work.

Jun 25, 2011
My story:porcelain Japanese doll
by: Katieg123

When I was 9-10 I went to this antique shop which is now an art gallery I think. I loved going there to look at the dolls. There was this one little porcelain Japanese doll that just caught me eye. But what I didn't know then was that there was something. Evil about her let's just say.

I wanted her really bad, so my mom and grandma bought her for me. I was so proud of her. I put her in a seat belt when we went in the car and took her everywhere. She even slept in my bed with me! But when I brought her home, I looked at the bottom of her shoes, which had dust at the bottom as if she could walk? I found out she was 20 years old, and weighte the weight of a new born baby.

I got so creeped out by her that for Christmas one year I was gonna give her to some Korean lady I knew. Well on my way to her restaurant, my mom's car's horn started beeping by itself and the head lights started flashing on and off by itself as well.

So I gave it to the Korean lady, and felt relief then, but now I am really mad. I wish I could get her back.

Jun 25, 2011
Awesome story!
by: Katieg123

I do believe in the paranormal, and that the doll is in fact haunted. Let me try to post a story. Read it if I can post it.

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