Blue Lady in Wilton, NH

by Meggie
(Wilton, NH, USA)

This picture was taken at the sight of the Blue Lady’s tombstone, in Wilton NH, where the woman Mary Spaulding is said to be buried. The tale of the blue lady is one that has been passed down from generation to generation by townsfolk and others who have witnessed her presence for themselves. Mary is said to haunt the area around Veil End cemetery and West Wilton where she lived, and having grown up just minutes from this very spot I have spent much time searching for her presence. The house she grew up in still stands today, empty and boarded up less then a mile away from her final resting place now, setting the stage for a long lived ghost story.

This picture of Mary Spaulding’s headstone was taken on a sunny day in mid-June with blue skies and no sign of any ghost activity at any time. When as I got the film back after being developed something was in the picture that was not there when it was taken. Somehow captured on the film of this picture there is an object that looks to have the outline of a person on the right side of the picture as if they are walking outside the frame of the shot. I have looked at this picture many times trying to examine the holes in my theory of the blue lady but every time I see that image on this picture there is no doubt in my mind that there is something at Veil End that isn’t fully explained.