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Bailey Ridge Ghost

by Josh White
(Bailey Ridge Buckhannon, West Virginia. United States)

My name is Josh White, and this is my ghost story.

The time was 9:00 P.M. on September 19th, 2009. My friends Brett and Corey, along with myself and my dog walked through the woods to a nice hill, overlooking our part of the county. We were talking about many things such as our futures.

Corey's uncle, who lives at the bottom of the hill, drove up on a four-wheeler and did a quick spin around, then drove back the way he came. Not thinking much of it, we continued talking. Brett said he had heard something, but I didn't, so we kept talking. About five minutes later, we stopped talking and heard a horrendous "shriek" unlike any other any of us had ever heard.

Freaked out, we all jumped to our feet and bolted to the bottom of the hill. Finally in the comfort of light, we stopped, but Corey's uncle and his neighbors were standing outside their trailers. We immediately walked back to Corey's house.

While walking, the dog started sniffing at something. Brett shined the light to see that it was a dead animal in the road; not crushed, but dead and had visible wounds on the head and torso. About twenty feet later, Brett noticed a chipmunk with the same wounds.

When we arrived at Corey's house, we began discussing what it could have been. It couldn't be an animal, because the dog did not sense anything or a person for that matter. The dog was as freaked out as we were, along with the other dogs in the area. Finally able to walk in the dark, Brett and I headed for my house. We were about 100 yards away, when I received a call from Corey. He had talked to his uncle, who said there was some banging on his and his neighbor's windows and noticed something running up the hill, feet from where we were sitting.

None of know who, or what in the heck was up there, but do we really want to know?

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