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The Witch

by A Mohammed
(England,West Midlands, UK)

My name is A. Mohammed. I am 37 yrs old. I live in Birmingham, UK and my story begins back in 1983. I remember it well. It was the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan. My mum and sister woke up early to begin the process of fasting. I was upstairs asleep and the time was about 2am.

I awoke and next to the bottom of my bunk bed, I clearly saw a witch, a very scary figure of an old lady. It looked at me. When I closed my eyes for a for a few seconds. it just vanished.

I got out of bed and ran downstairs.

To this day I know what I saw. People may think it was a nightmare but I can honestly say that I did not imagine it.

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Evil Indian Spirit

by Mike B
(Reno, NV)

My family moved into a home in Reno, Nevada back in the early 80's. We heard noises at all hours of the day and watched a tall indian in a headband walk around our home.

One night we had all just gone to bed and a few minutes later, we heard a loud bang coming from the kitchen door that leads into the garage. My dad told me to check it out so I opened the door and saw a large knife sticking in the door. All of our doors and windows were locked.

We stayed in this house for another couple of months and every day something happened.

We moved out after that.

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It followed me home

by Amy
(Burlington, Ontario)

A friend of mine was mentioning for some time that her child was waking up at night. I offered to come over and see if I could detect any energies in her home. I started the sweep of the house and entered one of the kids' rooms. Up in one of the corners I could see a cluster of energy that was soft and warm - it was the kid's Spirit Guide. I continued checking each room and the final room was her other kids' room. The room itself was clear and so I opened the closet. I first sensed its presence like hate, evil it spoke and said "What are you doing here?" "Get out" "Get out." Next came an image I will never forget. I saw goblins and horrid little creatures with long sharp claws climbing down from the closet towards me.

I closed the door and cleansed the house after that. I left there and returned to my own home, continuously saying prayers and asking for protection and asking that it not enter my own home.

When I arrived home, and hung my keys up on a hook and sat down to talk to my husband about what I had saw.

While sitting there, the keys where thrown across the room and as we both looked at each other and then to the corner at the keys on the floor, I saw a huge energy field move towards me...I couldn't breath and was screaming in fear until my husband kept talking to me to get a handle on the situation.

I was able to clear it later on and would have 2 yrs of clearings to get rid of it.
One night out on my porch I saw an image of my back door and a person dressed in a dark robe from head to foot with its face pressed up against my back door.

Just because I deal with this stuff, does not mean I am not afraid of it.

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Uninvited Guest.

by Lisa Dodson

I have had many spiritual experiences but this one that I am about to tell you was by far the scariest. It happened three months ago after having a strenuous day with my four children. I had decided on an early night and my 9-month old baby was in the bed with me and had awoken so I settled her again.

Unfortunately I couldn't go back to sleep and lay gazing at my daughter. I closed my eyes and assure you I was not asleep and dreaming. I felt the duvet lift up slowly and a weight sit on the edge of the bed. I was rigid with fear and unable to open my eyes or move. I then felt whatever it was lying beside me and put their arm over me. At this point I managed to move and looked behind me to find nobody there.

The following day I told my mom who lives next door what I'd experienced and to my shock she smiled and told me the same thing had happened to her the week before. It seems we have a bed-hopping ghost!

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Ghosts Even Attack the Young

First off, this story was told to me when I was 14. It was about our family when we were living in Clifton. My brother would see this ghostly figure of a man every night even when he left the lights on. I was 2 when all this was happening.

I had a nice crib in my own room. The house was a basement, 3 bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and attic. I was across the hall from my parents. One evening, as I was sleeping, my head went through the bars of the crib. It made my dad use a saw to set my head free. My parents both think that God saved me.

My parents never went back to the house. Weeks later, my brother had to get an exorcism. He was on the brink of surviving. Ghosts will get anyone. Don't test them.

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The alley way

by Jerod Blake Lasater

Everyone knew about the alley way. It was a passage between my favorite Mexican restaurant and my town`s history museum. It was haunted by the spirit of a gangster who was killed by a rival gang in a bar fight. Not only was this ghost a gang member but a murderer also. It was a rather snowy night since it was the start of the snowy winters we often get here.

I sat at my table finishing my meal. I had a lot on my mind that day since the roads were most likely too close and I couldn't get home in time. I listened to the noises around me from the laughter coming from that bar to the door bell ringing when somebody walked in.

I was just about to leave when the town drunk came into the restaurant. His name was Alfred and he lived in a small house that was falling apart. His reputation for getting into fights and heavy drinking kept anyone from feeling sorry for him. He walked into the place looking like a sewer rat in blue jeans, white shirt and a jacket. He walked over to the bar and took a seat. He stunk of garbage and dead animal.

"Have any of you gentlemen see that man in the alley way he looked hurt?" Alfred asked. The whole restaurant went quiet and everyone stared at Alfred with fear filled eyes. Everyone knew not to go in the alley way at night. Everyone took the well-lit side walk. But heavily drunk, Alfred said, "I'm going to have a talk with this gangster."

The bar keeper was opening his mouth to warn him but he thought he could use this lesson. Alfred stumbled out the door and then "BANG BANG!" two loud gunshots were heard.

After that, no one left the bar alone that night.

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Ghost story No. 989

by Tiffani O.
(Fullerton, Orange County,Ca.)

This is what they looked like while they were staring at me...

This is what they looked like while they were staring at me...

I call this my ghost story 989 because I have dealt with demons, spirits and everything else since I was 3 years old. The older I get the stronger it gets. I work with both sides. I can not be harmed but I have been made deathly sick by them. I am 3 months pregnant and my fiance's parents home is full of ghost.

I knew it since day one. Well let's get down to the most chilling for me and him. I went to his house and being liked by his dad, we are pulling up in the garage and I see this look on his dad's face very pi$$ed. Very disturbed.

So I step in the door with my fiance and his dad has this look in his eyes, one that is burned in my brain. He is very edgy and tries to speak with me, but forcing himself to be nice. So, I say well, nice seeing you and we head upstairs. I excuse myself to the restroom and I have a feeling that I don't want to walk out. I turn off the lights and on their doors they hang curtains, sheer blue curtains. Now it's dark, and I go to step out, and I see the curtain on the door move, I am stuck there, I can't move. I look to my right and I see it stretch its hand through the sheer curtain and as I put my hand out to leave it touched my hand. In slow motion, I felt a freezing sensation from the hand, I finally was shocked out of it, and ran to go tell my fiance.

The day before, I got a terrible headache there, so my fiance went to the store to go get Tylenol for me, so I'm sitting there watching All About Eve, when I feel someone staring at me. I looked to my left and I saw a shadow that stood 6 ft tall. I could see it looking at me, and it was as if he did not want to alarm me, I gasped, OMG. He spoke...he said, "You are very beautiful."

I had no idea what to do. This was the same door which belongs to his dad, the door that the little freezing hand touched me.

I told my fiance, she is an older woman, about 5'2 and she is family. Who is she? He said that is my dad's aunt. She has been dead for a long time. The shadow is very evil but did not want to harm me.... It's around 3:30am and we are leaving, all of a sudden I hear someone having a conversation in the restroom...two people. But it's just his dad and us, and I tell him, "OMG...it's your dad...he's talking to the..."

My fiance said, "The ghost....YES!!!!"

Ahhhhh...all I could do was OMG, he's talking to it in the shower. As I head down the stairs I get hit with a terrible migraine. I am practically running out the door, we stop in the kitchen to grab his keys. I head for the garage, I jump in and he is walking to close my door as I look up and I see that shadow...it is the color of mist etched on the sliding glass door starring at me, and the little aunt is etched below him...I got a feeling like where are you going?.... They are trapped in there...so I start to laugh like a crazy person because by this time I have been through too much.

My fiance gets in and looks at me...and I said, How lovely...they wanted to say Bye.

He said, "The shadow..."

I said..Huh? You saw it, too..Nooooo... You were suppose to say, aww hunny your just crazy and I would say ya, hahahha. OMG...I knew what he was going to do, I have a little bit of everything...he says I am going to turn the car lights off...I said OK...He did..and they were gone. Then they reappeared I screamed thats it..Im going home. All the way home...all I could think was.... The shadow the aunt touching me the migraine..the dad acting like a demon, talking to something in the shower...and now...them staring at us...All I heard was THE SHINING....I could see his dad acting like that guy...I said; Do you know what this reminds me of? He said THE SHINING?

YES....it was the most freakest feeling not so much the ghost but his dad being possessed and I had a feeling that something was going to happen to me and the baby....more so the baby!!!! This is not the last of this.....Believe me...

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