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Apparition in Front of the Gettysburg Hotel

by Al
(Walton, NY, USA)

Misty Horseman in Gettysburg

Misty Horseman in Gettysburg

On a trip tp Gettysburg in July 2007, my son and I decided to go down to Lincoln Square in the center of town. It was approximately 10:30 p.m. and the front of the Gettysburg Hotel was illuminated by the lights on the sidewalk. I thought it would make an interesting picture so I shot the photo. When I downloaded all of my trip photos, I was amazed to see this picture. I saw no haze or fog of any kind at the time I snapped the pic, but it is clearly there.

I have been told that it appears to be a man on horseback riding from right to left. I can make out a horse's head and legs. Also the rider's arm and chin/ beard. Any thought or comments? It was a warm night so it is not exhaust from a car, and no one around me was smoking. What do you think?

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Apparition in Front of the Gettysburg Hotel

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Oct 16, 2009
Lincoln Square Ghost
by: GrayReb

Just wanted to note that I did go this September 18-20 but didn't stay in Lincoln Square; chose the newly named 1863 Inn. After walking the battlefields and other Gettysburg locations all day, I just didn't have the energy to take photos at night at Lincoln Square. But I did manage to get some great captures. Hope you'l check out my "Ghost in the Wheatfield" and some of my recent photos from that trip.

Sep 11, 2009
It's not cigarette smoke or anything normal
by: GrayReb

Checked this photo again, zoomed in and clearly see the form of a horse and rider. Phenomenal. Wanted to tell Al that I'll be going again this September, and will be sure to shoot some photos in the square later at night. I'll also visit Sachs Bridge, Cashtown Inn and some other sites I haven't seen lately. Hope I'll be as lucky as you were with this photo.

Jan 27, 2009
Apparition at Gettysburg Hotel
by: GrayReb

I enlarged your photo and do indeed see the outline of a ghostly rider upon his horse. I traced the outline in Paint to see what it would reveal, and it's obvious.

I've stayed at the Gettysburg Hotel in Lincoln Square, but never thought to take photos later at night; guess I missed out, not thinking Gettysburg ghosts would "haunt" the Square. This provides yet another location in which to perform our "ghost hunts". Ha, Ha.

Nice capture.

Jan 26, 2009
thank you for your posts
by: Al

First of all, I don't discount any suggestion, but I took several photos that evening and this is the only one that show any type of mist. It was a very warm July evening and very dry. Niether my son nor I smoke, and I was careful not have anyone near us that could walk into the picture. I do not take any comments personally, I just find it odd that this appeared in only one photo. Thanks for your input and i do look forward to more comments and suggestions.

Jan 26, 2009
by: garylee

I am not being mean,..but;
you do realize it ---could be--- most anything. air moisture/ ground moisture rising/ moisture inside the camera/ moisture created from the body heat of your hands holding the camera...
there is so much people will say what it might be.

but you are going to believe what you will.

best wishes.

Jan 26, 2009
Very Interesting
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Thank you, Al, for this pic. To me, it appears to be cigarette smoke, but you say you weren't smoking, right? I do see what could be the image of a man on a horse, but who knows? It's definitely interesting and a tad creepy. Anybody have any debunking ideas?

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