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That Cat!

by Lucy

My cat (a fluffy white Persian with brown ears) passed away only a year ago. I still feel melancholy when I think about it, but seeing him helps me. His name was Sammy. In February of 2007, Sammy ingested some anti-freeze. We did not realize until the next day, when he started swaying around like a drunkard, and making retching noises. I was devastated, but could only cross my fingers as I headed to school. I was worried, and about 9 teachers asked me why I looked like I had suddenly become an orphan. (It makes me snicker to think how embarrassed they would have been if I told them I WAS an orphan.)

After lunch, I was doing my math half-heartedly, when I saw a white cat with brown ears at the doorway. When I got picked up from school, I asked my step-dad how Sammy was and burst into tears as I learned of his passing away. When I got home, I lay in bed for several hours, thinking of only Sammy's favorite hiding spots.

Every now and then, I open the kitchen cupboard (Sammy's hideout of all time) to see a flash of something white, or the sound of a mew. No kittens in there, and the only colors in there are brown sacks of potatoes, and red packets of oatmeal. Sammy seems to get along well with our other ghost, a little girl of about 5 or 6 years.

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My Dog Zeppelin

by rosemary

My best friend n the whole world was my dog Zeppelin. He was a big beautiful blue heeler. My parents got him for me when I was 8 years old, and because of my love for the band, he was named Zeppelin.

Zepp used to go everywhere with me. We only lived a few blocks from school so whenever I walked to school in the morning, he would follow me right to the steps and then run back home when I went inside.

He used to have these funny little things that he would do that I'll never ever forget. One of them was the way he used to push around his food bowl to the door of my bedroom in the mornings and wait for his food. It was kind of a pain because if he didn't finish his food the day before, I would walk out and step in a mucky bowl of dog food in the morning and he would sit there and smile at me till I carried it back to the kitchen and filled it back up for him.

Zepp lived to be 17 years old and he passed away peacefully under my bed where he usually slept when I wasn't home. That was the hardest day of my life, but at least I knew he went in peace. But it wasn't until after Zeppelin had passed that strange things started to happen around the house.

For the first few nights after he was gone, I would always think I was dreaming of him because I could feel him jump up on my bed and breathe his smelly dog breath all over me, which I loved. Then after a few nights, these happenings seemed to be a little more real than I thought, especially when I walked out of my bedroom one morning and stepped in his old food dish which had been pushed to my door... but.. we had put his food dish away in the cupboards a few days earlier..

I asked my brother (who is my room mate in the same house now), if he had put the dish there to either scare me or make me feel better, but he didn't... I wondered if Zeppelin was still hanging around the house... several nights after that I would walk out to find his dish by the bedroom door! After about the third time it happened I knew that Zepp just didn't think he had gone and was continuing his old routine in the house.

To this day I can still feel him jumping on my bed in the night and making that deep doggy sigh he used to make before going to sleep, but when I look, there is no dog there. And I still wake up to find his dish waiting to be filled right outside my bedroom door.. now most people would grow a little scared of an unseen presence in their house, but I know Zepp is there to do what he loved most, to love me and watch over me.. even in the afterlife.

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Ghostly Cat

by David J. H.
(Linconshire, England)

I remember being in my dad's house that was an old orphanage. I can remember hearing a groaning sound that always came from the bottom of my bed. One night I sat up just to see what it was and there in front of my eyes was a figure of a really pale, almost transparent cat-like shape.

For the next 3 months, I slept in my sister's room.

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What Does my Cat See?

by Ryan G
(Lawrence, Mass, USA)

Hello my name is Ryan Gadomski and I'm 17 and currently living in Lawrence, Mass in a two-story house above my aunt. Before I was born my mom had a miscarriage. She was suppose to have a daughter but didn't. My mother talked to a psychic about a year ago and she told the psychic that she saw a young woman in white below her picture just floating and smiling. The psychic told my mother that it was her daughter watching over her. Ever since then, strange things have been happening. For example, my cat will just stare at the wall like there's someone there and when I put my cat close to the wall she flips out. I think it's my sister but I'm not sure.

Also the lights in my living room where my sister was seen will flicker on and off. The TV will turn on and off. Sometimes I can hear the footsteps of someone coming up the stairs but when I look there's no one there. My mother has a picture of my niece by the couch. She was born, lived for 53 minutes, then passed. My cat will sometimes stare at that pic for at least 10 mines. Also and most recently today, my cat looked into my room and growled at something. Now I have to sleep in that room so I'm kind of scared now. I have no idea who or what is in my home but my cat does and it obviously scares her so now I'm scared.

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Codie and Me

by Katrina
(Willmington, NV, USA)

There are things our minds will never comprehend.

It happened to me on one dark night.

I was all alone in a house located miles from neighbors or farms. It was an old house and because of that all I had was a lamp for light, my sweet dog by my side and all around us was the dark.

We were only there for one night, stranded on a road in the middle of nowhere. Lacking the finances necessary to be equipped with such high fangled gear as cell phones or I Pods, we were there waiting out the night until morning came when we could resume our journey once again.

My sweet love, Codie, a German Shepard, never left my side for anything. He loved me and I loved him. But in this particular place, his behavior was quite guarded. Ever since we entered through the foyer of this godforsaken place, Codie's ears never relaxed as they did in our warm home back in Collinsfield. The hairs on the nape of his back were erect and he would growl quite menacingly as we huddled down in an Eastern bedroom for a night’s nap.

I love my Codie boy.

As we lay there in the dark, Codie restless behavior became increasingly unnerving to me. I began to hear sounds of laughter pealing through the inky darkness. It was a laughter so unmistakably maniacal as to cause me to feel quite frightened.

The issue was that the house had no electricity and no one existed therein, as we had carefully checked prior to our nestling into the quarters we had chosen.

The sound came as a tinkle at first. Quite high-pitched, yet growing in intensity to a low, groaning howl, if that makes any sense. After time, the laughter became cacophonous and I had to cover my ears in order to prevent myself from being terrified beyond belief. After a time Codie and I slipped into a deep slumber in our bed. His silky fur comforted me, warming me as I shivered in fear as to what the sound could be.

In due time, we were sleeping peacefully until the wonderful songbirds woke us in the yard. The gorgeous morning light filled the room and we gathered ourselves to leave, relieved that we had lasted through the night.

As we readied ourselves, I twisted the knob on the bedroom door and stepped out directly on a lawn in a place I had never seen before. Two steps out onto the grass, Codie by my side, we looked back to find no house. There was nothing there in existence but woods and a road leading to our vehicle.

Codie looked up at me, eyes expressing the gravest, warmest concern. Ignoring him for both our sakes, I pulled us down the road toward our next destination.

You see, the house we slept in never existed, but as we departed, the laughter resumed.

Maniacal, threatening laughter of a vile soul interested only in spreading malice and fear.

We never looked back.

Codie is still with me today and he occasionally looks at me with warm eyes, loving and concerned. But we both know better than to examine what happened that night.

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Animal Ghost Stories - The Blue Iguana in Ojai, California

by Aileen
(Tujunga, CA, USA)

My husband and I used to take our Australian shepherd, Libby, with us to Ojai all the time. She recognized the town and would be so excited when we arrived. We would walk her around town.

She knew our route, especially the stores that gave out free dog cookies. Sometimes we would stay a few nights at the Blue Iguana, a charming inn. She would happily play frisbee on the lawn and would love to just be there with us.

In 2005, at almost 14, we had to put her to sleep. We got an Australian cattledog named Maddie. She too loved to go to Ojai. One night we were all 3 sound asleep at the Blue Iguana. We heard dog tags jingling, scratching at the door to the bedroom and heavy panting. Our dog Maddie was sound asleep on the couch and there was no other dog around. We looked all around.

We figured it was Libby coming to say hi.

Ojai is considered one of the most haunted valleys in CA. A local author, Richard Senate, wrote a book about haunted Ojai.

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Animal Ghost Stories: Gone... or Not?

by Jade N
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

Licorice (left) and Pumpkin (right)

Licorice (left) and Pumpkin (right)

About two months ago, my cat, Licorice was found dead on the side of the road. I found her on my way home from school and was devistated.

She had been missing for about a week, but I didn't think anything of it. The year before she had done the same thing -- gone off without a trace and then returned home.

It was the day that I had a surprise party for my friend, Tyson, that I knew that she was gone. It was a Sunday evening, and I had gone down the road to use the phone since ours was disconnected at the time. That was when I found her collar and knew she was gone.

Friends tried to console me, telling me that cats lost their collars all the time, but I could sense that she was gone. I cried that night.

Even so, that Tuesday, May 26, 2009, when I found her body I was upset. She had been the best cat I'd ever had.

That same day, we got another cat. -- I know it was kind of soon, but the little kitten helped me to feel better. We named him Pookie. Exactly a week after that we decided to take in his sister as well. My friend, Tyson, the same one we had the party for, told me to name her Pumpkin.

Not too ghostly, yet, is it?

Well, Pumpkin appears to be remarkably like Licorice. I know, they're both cats so of course they're alike, but this is strange. Pumpkin's personality is shockingly similar to Licorice's.

Both cats loved to be petted, but hate to be held. Licorice would sit and let me pet her for hours, as will Pumpkin. But the second that I picked either of them up, they would struggle to get down. That's not that remarkable, but the next part is.

Pumpkin seems to have taken up Licorice's old resting places. The headboard of my bed, the left side of the back of the couch, and Licorice's favorite kitchen chair, are now Pumpkin's favorite places. My other cats, Pookie and Cuddles are seldom found in these places, but Pumpkin is in these places all the time.

Another thing that I find remarkable is that she like Like Licorice prefers to spend her time outside as opposed to indoors, while my other cats stay in more then they are out.

I'm wondering if Licorice's spirit has somehow found its way into Pumpkin, and if Licorice is still living through her. The uncany similarities between the behaviours of the two is shocking.

I am a stong believer in ghosts and the paranormal, and I think, that this is a paranormal experience where one being inhabits another's body because they still have a will to live.

I still miss Licorice alot, but it's easier to cope with her death now that Pumpkin is around.

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Horse Ghost of Ballston Spa

by Andrew M
(Ballston Spa, NY, USA)

I was at my friends house in Round Lake Village. We decided to go biking up a bike path. The bike path went through the woods that was supposedly haunted. We didn't really believe that, but we soon figured out why.

As we biked through the woods, we heard some footsteps in front of us. We stopped and looked around, and didn't see anything. We suggested that it was a fox so we kept biking. About thirty minutes later, we thought we heard a horse galloping behind us. One of my friends said that it is just from a farm. My other friend said that they do not run the farms anymore.

We biked a little farther and came to the highway. We turned around and biked back. As we biked, we heard galloping behind us, so we biked faster. The louder the galloping got, the faster we went. It seemed as if we went for hours. The sun was at the top of the sky when we started, and was setting right when we came out of the woods. Soon after we passed out of the woods, we stopped and looked back. Suddenly out of nowhere, a horseshoe appeared behind us. We turned around and just stared at it.

We then biked as fast as we could to my friend's house.

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