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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

Afeya E's photo enhanced

by Amberjack
(The Netherlands)

Enhancement of Afeya E's photo

Enhancement of Afeya E's photo

Hi Brenda.

I don't know how else to get this message to you, so I'm doing it this way and hope that you'll find what I say interesting. I'm a professional artist who works a lot with Photoshop, so know pretty much what is possible and what is not with this software. For the past few years I have used this experience to attempt to establish the authenticity of phenomena posted on other websites where I am also a member which deal with paranormal issues, and was excited by what you have on your own site.

I have already made a couple of comments on the "Strange... but true..." photo, by Ed, which is one of the best photos of its kind that I have seen. But what prompts me to write is the "ROOM FULL OF SPIRITS AFTER A MESSAGE" photo, posted by Afeya E. On the face of it, this photo looks interesting enough, but not spectacular. However, when I looked at it in Photoshop, it blew me away, and believe me, that's not something which happens that often! The 'lights' in the photo are obvious enough, but the photo is chock-full of phenomena that otherwise go unnoticed. Using Photoshop enhancement techniques (and allowing for the low-res quality), what appear in the darker areas of Afeya E's photo are whole 'tendrils' of looping gray 'energy' and swirls of dark red. I've seen these phenomena in paranormal photos before, but not to the extent that they appear here.

My frustration is rather on behalf of Afeya E, who has submitted what turns out to be a truly spectacular photo full of otherwise-unseen phenomena, but because these are only visible using enhancement techniques, seems to be getting only a modest number of comments for her photo. I'd post my enhancement on the thread, but don't know whether your site allows for this option (I do have a Photobucket account). So I'll submit it to you, and you may see how you take things from here. I'd just like Afiya E to know how great her photo actually is.

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Afeya E's photo enhanced

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Jul 24, 2011
Scary Photo
by: Anonymous

I see a lot of not so friendly faces in the background. I was taking photos and with similar things in the background. It's cool.

Mar 14, 2010
look behind u
by: me

ummm maybe its just angels protecting them!

Jan 14, 2010
by: randy

but could not see anything in this photo

Oct 06, 2009
by: Just Jenny

I commented on the other picture of this, and NOW that i look at it more and more...there are soo many faces. all the people in the back row have faces above them. what's really creep is the guy with the black hat, look above him, it looks really scary. you can see big eyes and his mouth. but i just see faces, so many, it's really scary. I don't believe in ghost but i can tell you what i see in a picture. Is it ghost or demons or just pictures of face photoshoped in there...i don't know! but this is super creepy.

Mar 06, 2009
by: J.Woolford

thats pretty good picture..

Jan 30, 2009
'Streamers' and a possible ghost
by: Amberjack

Hi Afeya. You're really welcome! I've enhanced many of these sorts of photos before to see if I could discover details that would otherwise be missed. Honestly, your photo has produced as spectacular a result as any that I've worked on so far. It sure is full of all kinds of things. I was particularly struck by the fact that the 'streamers' (whatever they are) are two distinct different colors and types. One type is gray and thin, and the other is reddish and thicker, more cloud-like. It's the reddish type that is easier to see in your original photo, but the gray type is only really to be seen in this enhance. Thanks so much for sharing this photo. What a winner!

Hi LP. I sure see the figure that you mean. I've looked at this detail enlarged, but just can't tell whether it's a real person standing off in the background (in which case he would not be lit as much by the flash, which is the effect seen here), or whether it is indeed some kind of manifestation. The face definitely looks kind of strange, but this could also be simply because the area of the face is only a few pixels in size. It could go either way, as they say, but there's so much stuff happening in this photo that I wouldn't rule out anything!

One thing for others to note generally about this photo: the enhanced version exaggerates the 'patchwork' effect of the low resolution web image. But remember that on Afeya E's actual photo these patches would not be there, and the whole look of these ghostly 'streamers' would be much smoother and more flowing-looking. To me this really is 'a roomfull of spirits'.

Jan 29, 2009
hi its afeya
by: afeya E

thank you for enhancing the picture. I put it up on the site because my friend was looking thru my trip pictures and was like "OMG there is a ghost in it" I was freaked out but can believe it because we were in a church where a lot of spirits were being released...I guess some decided to hang around

Jan 20, 2009
There is a man
by: LP

I had this picture up on my computer. I saved it to my desktop, and walked away. When I came back, my girl friend said "oh my gosh there is a man in that picture" she had no idea what the picture was about and I told her of its origin. There is man, right above the top left (our direction) person in the picture (the same one where his face is consumed most by the light) You can clearly see him, that is all I see, but it jumped out to her, without her looking than after I see it also. I am curious to see what more the "editer" of this photo sees, can you explain?

Jan 11, 2009
Link to Afeya's Page
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Okay, found the page, it is: //www.ghostsandstories.com/room-full-of-spirits-after-a-message.html

Jan 11, 2009
Thanks Amberjack
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Hi. Thanks for that. As soon as I can, I will link to Afeya's page.

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