A True Ghost Story

by Paleface

I was round my Nan's house and many people agree that it is haunted. I was sleeping on the sofa when I woke up for no reason. I was alone and I heard a noise. Suddenly a saw a few see-through white faces swimming around on the wall. They were looking at me and I stared at them, too scared to go to sleep. I finally got to sleep and I awoke the next morning and it was gone.

The weird thing is, for about a year a face, (very similar) was pressed against the window of the house across the road. It stared at me but vanished when anyone was there or the light in the room on the other side of the road was on.

It was still there three months later. I saw it sitting on a chair on the last night. It had a tudor (I think) dress but on the last day it vanished. I think it is now in my house.

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