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A Horse Ghost

by Jeremy

I was visiting my Step mom's house getting her stuff so she can move in with us. I had to go to the bathroom, and walked in. While washing my hands I looked out the window. I saw a beautiful White horse and told my step mom, "I didn't know you had a horse!" she said " I don't" As she looked out the window it disappeared. She warned me about the house being haunted and I thought "Why would a horse be haunting this house?"

After about 2 hours I went outside to play with the dogs and I saw a strange figure. I got a little closer and I saw a little girl sitting on a bench. She looked sad. Another figure showed up and she suddenly cheered up. The figure was a little dog about beagle size. I started to move closer and they disappeared.

That same day I wanted to spend the night there. While I did I could feel it getting colder, and I had a feeling someone was behind me but, every time I looked back no one was there. The dogs suddenly got aggressive, growling at something that wasn't there. The Dogs got up and both walked in the kitchen. They stood there growling and barking at the window. We all got up and peered into the kitchen. Jenna Shouted "G-G-Ghost!" We all saw it it was horrible looking.

Personally I don't think it was a ghost, I think it was some kinda weird being. It was about 6-7 feet tall With thick Black fur all over. It's eyes were Amber colored, And it resembled a wolf. But it walked on two legs. It's fangs had to be an inch or two long! I will never spent the night there again!

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