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A Demon in a Churchyard

by Rachel
(Norwich, Norfolk, UK)

Demon in Churchyard in the UK

Demon in Churchyard in the UK

I am somewhat sensitive to spirits and the paranormal from an early age. I accept the paranormal, as the norm.

In this instance it wasn't me, but my little Yorkie, who had sensed the spirit.

I have Spastic Paraplegia, and to travel any distance I need to use my mobility scooter. On this occasion, my husband, dog and I went to our local village pub for a drink.

On the way back, I wanted to get photos of the local churchyard. I was just about to put my camera away, when my dog became agitated. Normally, she will sit on my lap without any bother. However, on this occasion, she really acted like something frightened her. She was shaking and trying to get away from it.

I wasn't completely aware of what she had seen. I thought I would get off another couple of shots with my Nikon Coolpix 5600 in night vision mode. I spotted the object, and could see it was there, but the screen on the back didn't really help.

I loaded it up on my computer and it even made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. If you look, it looks like there are other spirits behind it.

I only cropped and enlarged this photo, otherwise, nothing has been done to it. For the skeptics, this photo is not Photoshopped. I wasn't even sure myself, until I cropped it and magnified it.

Where the photo was taken, I later found out that the local youths hang out there. I wonder if they did something to invoke it. Also,I found out that the village in the beginning was like a type of penal colony. The village essentially started off the same way as Australia.

I have been back to the churchyard and I have not seen anything in that area that showed the demon. I think it is a demon, based on my dog's reactions. It certainly isn't a benevolent being.