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Highway Sheila

by SSJ
(South Africa)

I have always heard the stories of a woman that prowled the Higginson Highway. I never once believed any of them until the night I almost died.

It was October 2 2009 and I was traveling home from a friend's house around 11:45pm. The road was dark as the street lights were not working. I was traveling at about 120Kms per hour when suddenly my SUV started to lose power. The speed kept dropping until it reached 60kms per hour. A car hooted and flashed his headlights at me as I was traveling in the fast lane, so I moved over to the far left lane for him to pass. Suddenly I saw the man brake in his lane and I got distracted and veered of the road onto the yellow lane.

I was so shocked that my SUV completely stalled. By this time it was a few minutes before midnight. I tried to start my car but it just went dead, my headlights didn't even work. So here I was sitting on the Higginson with a dead SUV and a dead cellphone battery. I saw a vehicle approaching so I got off quickly and flagged it down. The lady was kind enough to stop to help me. She said she didn't have a cellphone but she lived not too far from where we were and that she didn't mind towing me to her house where I could phone my family to come and get me.

So she tied the tow rope to my SUV and we drove off. She took me to a big double story white house that was situated at the corner of a dead end road. I got off and she insisted that I come in and get warm and phone my family. So after much convincing I went in. She gave me a jacket to wear and let me use her phone to call home. I tried but no one answered and I started to panic, so the lady said that I should leave my car there and she would take me home. So I said ok.

After the 30 minute drive home, I found that my parents were not home so I had to let myself in. The next day, my dad and I went to the lady's house to tow my SUV back. When we arrived at the big white house, my SUV was gone...so I went to the door and knocked and no one answered. So panic-stricken, I went to the next door neighbour to ask if they knew where the lady of the house was...what I heard next was something I will never forget.

A man came to the door and said that Sheila lived in that house but she had died over 22 years ago. The house has been empty for almost 5 years after her family had moved out. According to the man, Sheila was traveling on the Higginson one night when she had a breakdown and someone came racing past her and ran her over. She died on the scene.

To this day, I never found my SUV and I still have her jacket that she gave me that night to keep me warm.

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Highway Sheila

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Jul 07, 2011
Doesn't add up???
by: Anonymousgal

If she towed your car to her house. Why didn't she tow it back to your house???

Jun 28, 2011
by: kitana

Hello SSJ, I would like to get in contact with you. It's about a project I'm doing (about Highway Sheila)

I would really appreciate it and be ever so thankful if you could sit with me and tell me your encounter in detail.

Thank you

Jun 14, 2011
Too scary
by: Anonymous

That happened to me too

May 06, 2011
I live in Chatsworth
by: Anonymous

I don't believe in all that crap but this is true because I saw her for few seconds and the next minute she was gone. But there are so many versions to one story and I know the person who it originally happened to because we both went to leave the item at her house

Mar 28, 2011
It's like-
by: call me bob

1st hahaha

2nd hahaha

Bro did you check the battery in you suv? And 2nd you where driving in Chatsworth if a car stops in a situation like that you are going to get robbed!!!

And you telling me a chick took you home and you hesitated you should at least got some action??? Lol no chick in Chatsworth will stop not even Sheila hahaha and which chick 20 years ago could drive?

Learn to tie a tow rope, know how to tow an SUV and what was she driving!!! Lol I'm only shocked that a chick took you home and you didn't do any thing hahahaha

As for your SUV. Go check. I I don't think Highway Sheila turned into a hijacker lol. ..

Mar 17, 2011
SUV stripped and parts sold!
by: Anonymous

Dude, this sounds like u've been caught up in a scam!

Your SUV was probably stripped and the parts sold before the sun was even up that night. The lady was obviously part of syndicate who lured you there and the person who answered the door is probably part of the scam! Obviously, the story was concocted by the people that scammed you.

Sorry dude. Sounds like your just another stat in this country's crime-rate.

Feb 05, 2011
Beautiful Rejection
by: Anonymous

Recently I've encountered paranormal activity on the Higginson Highway. I was coming from work and came to the robot at Mobeni Heights which had stopped me. It was just after 8 pm and a weekday night and suddenly I saw a beautiful young lady standing @ the side of the road.

Me being a dude was checking her out. My windows were open and well my music was up and we made eye contact. Anyway robot turned green and I drove off never thinking anything.

The next night around the same time here I was again at the same robot and there she was again, so this time I decided to approach her. I asked her whether she needed help and she said she's waiting to catch a lift. The direction in which she was going however was back into Chatsworth and I was coming out of Chatsworth. So I decided to take her home. (i.e. back into Chatsworth.)

As I was taking her we began talking, I first asked her what her name was and she was silent. I then said don't worry I won't bite you or something. Suddenly as I approached the Havenside offramp I looked down towards my center console and realized something strange.

She asked if I had a girl friend and I said no and she started flirting with me and me being in a weird situation said to her maybe some other time because I don't like doing things in my car. She burst out crying and as her crying became more intense my electronics and engine started failing and as I tried to calm her down I noticed that she was kinda changing in terms of physical appearance.

She eventually dematerialized right there in front of me into this white stuff and went out of my car and disappeared onto the freeway. I thought I was dreaming and still up to this day I think that night was all in my head. Until I started researching paranormal activity.

Nov 24, 2010
High Way Sheila
by: tiara naiker

I don't believe this story but I would like to know how old she was

Thank you

Nov 09, 2010
Watching Over You
by: Anonymous

That is a crazy story but at least Sheila was watching over you that night. She might have taken your car though so it could seem like noone was there at all the night before

Nov 04, 2010
Pray for her
by: God Bless

Dear loved ones

Please pray for Sheila as she is not at rest. Please may god forgive her and accept her into the gates of heaven.

You all need to pray for her instead of gossiping like this. Shame on you people. Go drink one tumler water. Don't waste your time researching about her because she is true. She told me she would leave if all you people could stop gossiping. She's very hurt.

Stop gossiping. She's very distressed

May God be with you all. And especially her.

Ram Ram

Sep 03, 2010
Highway Ghost
by: Anonymous

Is this really true omg there are so many stories!!!!!

Aug 26, 2010
Was the house furnished?
by: Anonymous

Was the house furnished when you entered? Did it look normal? Your suv most probably got stolen by some ppl.

Aug 25, 2010
by: not a believer

I think this is nonsense, I live in Chatsworth, I travel on Higgonson Highway and I have never seen Shelia, lol. It kills me when I hear this story. Firstly why would a ghost named Highway Sheila drive a car ???????

For the believers, she apparently haunts only the highway, she gets someone to pick her up and makes them take her home This story is so far fetched...I have travelled on this road late at night and never had an experience...

If Sheila is real, then it's peoples' minds and beliefs that keep her real.

Jul 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

That was a little strange but a very good story amazing.

Jun 10, 2010
About Highway Sheila
by: Anonymous

Hi I would like to know was highway Sheila raped, murdered or had an accident because she always seems to be hitchhiking all the motorists. Is it true that the Divine Life Society did the prayers on the highway? Is it true that highway Sheila used to live at Gables on the Esplanade and I heard there is a movie called Durban Legend do you know where can I get it.

May 14, 2010
Highway Sheila
by: Kunal

How can we find out more about who she is or how she died. There must be some local historian who would or even death records in that area. Do we know for sure that her name was Sheila or is that what she was dubbed by the locals.

Apr 28, 2010
I am a believer
by: Alex

I am from SA. I have heard of this haunting. I live just off the Highway and true to your word SSJ, the cops have had many reports of incidents like this.
I have two kids and my wife is a nurse and she works the night shift occasionally and one night she had a similar experience when going to work. She did stop for this woman but didn't pick her up.

I totally believe this. Thank you for sharing SSJ.

Apr 06, 2010
Believe what you may
by: SSJ


For those that wish to not believe my story, go ahead, research it...you will be able to read true accounts of her hauntings. I posted this story because I thought ppl would wanna know about my experience and I do appreciate the comments.

Explain to me WHERE my SUV is to this day? If you could tell me that, then you more than welcome to say that my story "it is not true"

Apr 05, 2010
Not True
by: Anonymous

There are too many versions of this story.Which is true? Or is any one of them true? I don't believe any of them.

Mar 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

I would like to know how old was Sheila.

Mar 23, 2010
Chilling story
by: Anonymous

Hello SSJ from South Africa. This was such a chilling story. I got goosebumps reading it. I am coming to South Africa for the Soccer World Cup in June and I would love to drive to the Higginson Highway while in the country.
Good story. Good read.

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